PRE-VIEW - Flexible viewing kit for safe and versatile information gathering and documentation.


Remote Viewing At Its Finest

Utilising the EBOT software from PREVIEW, operations and enterprises involved in asset-intensive industries can now bring the external world to view within the safety and comfort of the office. Three easy to take photos make up an interactive virtual tour, using the PreView high-tech equipment.

Offering a full screen 360° panoramic view of your company’s key assets and facilities, the panoramic image will give the viewer an overall idea of how a scene would have looked at the time it was captured. The equipment can be used primarily to assist in decision-making in terms of improved documentation of sites, premises and critical findings, besides enabling illustrative viewing. It can also be used to measure the length, width and depth of critical equipment and machinerie


Ease of Use

Three pictures are easily taken with EBOT equipment and automatically converted to a panoramic 360° by 120° image. The innovative technology is hidden in the application and designed to allow fast and accurate imaging without any hassle.


Equipment Workstation 1.1

The entire workstation consists of a tailored fisheye lens, a three-stage rotator, a camera, a Tablet PC and the EBOT software. Users can also embed JPEGs via the system.